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Celebrity management platform on blockchain
Name TokenStars TEAM
Website https://tokenstars.com/team
Location British Virgin Islands
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Start Jan 10 2018 00:00 UTC
End Jan 31 2018 00:00 UTC


White Paper


TokenStars is a celebrity management platform on the blockchain, providing advanced tools and incentives for deeper interaction between stars, fans and advertisers. Having successfully started with the ACE token sale for tennis ($4.9M+ raised as of the sale end date!), TokenStars has enhanced its team with top-notch experts and stars to launch the TEAM token: Lothar Matthäus, Valery Karpin (football), Tommy Haas, Robin Söderling, Cedric Pioline, Anastasia Myskina (tennis), Nikita Kucherov (hockey), Alexander Anter (poker) and Rico Torres (Hollywood) are among the famous celebrities supporting TokenStars. As a utility token, TEAM will be used in most of the interaction activities powered by the TokenStars platform, including repayment of agency commissions from advertisers and supported talents, providing incentives to fans and external agents for finding promising talents (scouts) and for promoting celebrities (promoters), making betting bids, participating in the voting polls, getting access to exclusive offers from celebrities, and so on. TokenStars develops its platform on the blockchain to make it transparent and verifiable, create a powerful global community, ensure lower money transfer costs and faster transactions with no need in a third party, as well as to eliminate middlemen in and bring more transparency to the celebrity management industry.


Pavel Stukolov, CEO
Evgeniy Potapov, CTO
Michael Zak, COO & Head of Celebrities ICO
Madina Hooke, Head of Sponsorships
Timur Gavrilov, Head of Product
Irina Shashkina, Marketing Director
Lothar Matthäus, Ambassador, Football legend
Tommy Haas, Ambassador, Tennis legend
Nikita Kucherov, Ambassador, Hockey star
Rico Torres, Ambassador, Top Hollywood photographer
Edgar Kampers, Blockchain Advisor
Tomoaki Sato, Blockchain Advisor
Wulf Kaal, Blockchain Advisor
Nicolay Danilov, Blockchain Advisor
Matheus Antunes, Football Advisor
Ksenia Chabanenko, PR & Marketing Advisor
Aler Denisov, Smart-Contract Developer
Elena Masolova, Investor
Victor Shpakovsky, Investor