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Name Uservice
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USERVICE BLOCKCHAIN PLATFORM – new global decentralized transparent 

system that is built on the platform of one of the leading auto service 

aggregator UREMONT.com which has assembled more than 10,000 auto repair 

centers across Russia on its platform. The goal of this new project 

USERVICE is to join on one platform all processes related to the auto 

industry, starting from its manufacturer to utilizing with simultaneous 

scaling of the new system globally (with starting points: Japan, USA, 

China, Saudi Arabia and Germany).

Uservice Blockchain Technology – is an Ethereum blockchain platform 

where smart contract system will be used not only for processing 

requests for auto service and maintenance, but also for storing the 

history of every car on a single blockchain for further optimization by 

industry players.

Uservice is a new approach in the industry where Uremont.com will become 

the base blockchain platform.

The platform unites all the players of the industry: repair shops, 

manufacturers, insurance companies, dealers to increase profits, 

customer flow and efficiency of services provided. Blockchain technology 

allows us to register any deal or operation in the ecosystem within 

seconds. Within 3 minutes, you will be able to choose, approve and pay 

for repair shop, insurance company services worldwide.By saving the 

history of all operations, Uservice will become the largest information 

aggregator in the industry.