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Global Decentralized Platform of Personal and Mass Challenges on Smart Contracts
Name Eristica
Website https://eristica.com/
Location Singapore
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Start Dec 07 2017 00:00 UTC
End Feb 07 2018 00:00 UTC


White Paper


Eristica is a revolutionary P2P-platform that drives participation in challenges and online competitions. The project was launched in 2015 and has already got more than 1.2 million users.
The platform enables each participant to launch and accept challenges, provide video footage of challenges completed and get ratings based on the results. Eristica users are also allowed to generate viral content with the videos of challenges getting millions of views on YouTube, and the winners becoming stars. The system of rating, reputation and ranking creates a powerful incentive for active participation. Competitive incentive makes players fight for top places in the rating, in the quest for
fame and prizes. With the help of blockchain technology, the Eristica project intends to overcome the obstacles faced by the industry and create a single ecosystem for both offline and online competitions. Tokenization of the platform’s economy will offer the opportunity to get a reward for winning challenges, receive virtual reward from successful predictions and buy access to all services of the platform. Eristica is a universal platform, where each member of the community benefits from the synergy created within the ecosystem.


Nikita Akimov, CEO
Valentina Ivashchenko, COO
Artem Dalevich, CMO
Andrey Sheludchenko, CTO